A Short Beginner Guide on Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a unique way for a person, also called an affiliate on this case, to earn a certain commission for recommending services and products to a digital platform. Do you want to put up your own affiliate marketing business in Malaysia? That is an amazing idea. However, before taking any major step on affiliate marketing, do some research first.

The process of affiliate marketing:

1. Look for a product or service you want to use, and at the same time, promote.
2. Check if there are affiliate programs implemented for this product. Just type in the name of the product, and then the keywords “affiliate program.”
3. Sign up for an affiliate program.
4. You will get your own unique link. This affiliate link would allow you to monitor the individuals that clicked on this link.
5. Once they purchase the product, you will get a commission.

How exactly does affiliate marketing work?

There many ways to monitor affiliates these days. However, it all depends on a person clicking a special link. The most basic and common kind of tracking? Through cookies. When a click is linked, a small file called cookie is stored on the computer of the user.

How to start your own affiliate marketing blog:

1. Build a blog or a website.
2. Pick an industry, and an affiliate marketing niche to focus on.
3. Research on the products on that niche.
4. Sign up for an affiliate program.
5. Write content in the form of affiliate product reviews and email newsletters. Then, use your affiliate link in these content.
6. Optimize the web page, and then monitor your Google ranking.
7. Repeat the entire process over again.

How to make your first dollar through affiliate marketing?

You can implement lots of strategies to make money through affiliate marketing. To be successful in the long term, though, you need to sharpen your digital marketing skills, and strengthen your techniques.

How much money can you earn through affiliate marketing?

The amount of commissions you can get may vary. The income would depend highly on the kind of offers you are promoting, the traffic your website gets, and the results of your SEO and email marketing strategies.