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A pocket watch isn’t only your normal embellishment, it’s a mindful present for a friend or family member; your preferred timekeeping piece; a family treasure; a venture. This implies it ought to be loved and cared for to guarantee it’s legitimate keeping after some time. 

Cleaning and keeping up your pocket watch aren’t exorbitant or troublesome, yet you ought to pursue a couple of basic methods to keep it running and looking as it should. 

Clean the outside of the pocket watch with a microfiber fabric – don’t utilize cleaners or water as these can harm the surface and internals. 

Mechanical watch pocket ought to be twisted each day. Take care not to over wind as this can harm the interior systems. 

Convey open face pocket watches with the dial confronting inwards. This will shield the precious stone from being harmed in your pocket. 

Never keep your pocket watch in a similar pocket as different things, for example, keys or coins which could harm your watch. 

Pocket watches with spreads ought to be dealt with deferentially.

Never power the spread open or attempt to open it more remote than it should. Harm can jump out at the pivot or spring arrangement and this could cause the spread not to close appropriately. 

Pocket watches ought to be put away when not worn.

Pockets or boxes are reasonable for guarding a pocket watch. On the other hand, a pocket watch stand is a pleasant method to show a pocket watch when it isn’t being used. 

Keep your pocket watch away from aromas and antiperspirants as these can harm the packaging. Leave your pocket watch until last when preparing. 

Ensure your pocket watch is secure in a buttonhole, pants or belt utilizing a pocket watch chain. This will evade you dropping and harming the pocket watch.