Some Key Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development that You Should Know

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There are plenty of mobile applications out there that are either created for mass-market use or just for the use in enterprise and business solutions. App development companies typically talk to business owners to help them create an application that can be used by their employees to improve company workflow. In this article, I will cover some of the key challenges in app development, particularly about employee-facing apps.


Security is always going to be a top concern when it comes to enterprise apps, specifically if we are talking about employee-facing apps.
Although there are companies that are willing to spend money to help give all of their employees some company-issued devices, a report from Gartner revealed that by 2022, most of the employees in enterprises would have to bring and use their own mobile devices.

Even if this doesn’t isn’t deemed as a huge concern for the employees, it is actually a huge problem for the companies simply because of the issue of security.What if people were to bring home their mobile devices and accidentally leak sensitive company information to their spouses or to their friends? To help solve this problem, the company would have to implement Mobile Device Management strategies that will tell the employees what information they can and cannot share whenever they are in and out of the building.

Platform Decisions

To provide the best possible user experience, app development companies would have to settle with native applications. There is only one problem: such apps only operate in only one operating system (hence, the name).

That being said, if business owners would create an application for Android because it has a much larger user base, then what about employees that are using Apple devices? Are they left out? In addition, if they were to settle with a cross-platform application, would the experience and app security be top-notch or, at least, serviceable?

System Integration

Enterprise mobile apps are quite large in scope and integrating them with a company’s existing system would require plenty of time. Not only that but the human resources office would have to conduct meetings that will help them teach the company’s employees how to use the newly-acquired applications.

Employees would have to know exactly how to make use of these apps so that it will help improve efficiency across the board. Furthermore, the HR officers should also tell each employee which part of the application they can access and which ones they do not have access to.

Setting an API Strategy

An API is required to create an application that has all of the features that the company needs to make it more competitive.
For example, if the company were to create a field services app, then the app developer would have to use an API that will help expose maintenance appointment schedules, for example, and allow their users to close completed tasks.