Taking Your Newborn Child Home: 5 Tips For a Smooth Transition

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1. Prepare all the baby essentials.

Shop for baby essentials even before the little one arrives home. You will surely love the baby clothes, baby strollers and baby bibs in Malaysia. All the most important items must be there before your baby comes home from the hospital. Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind.

2. Gather all of your personal supplies.

Take care of yourself just like how you take care of your child. You must know that adjusting to a new life with a baby, and recovering from childbirth are difficult. You can make it bearable and easier though, with the help of some personal supplies. Prepare the following:

  • Pillow
  • Snacks
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Notebook / a mobile app to record feedings and bowel movements
  • Baby album or book
  • Camera or your smartphone

3. Prepare the baby’s bolder siblings.

Bringing home a newborn kid can be stressful for older siblings. Prepare your older kids about this big chance. Talk to them about all the adjustments, and what kind of life they should expect once their baby sibling comes home. Spend extra time with them. Don’t forget to involve them with all the activities related to the newborn.

4. Discuss visitor schedules with your partner.

Once your newborn arrives, most likely, plenty of relatives and friends would want to stop by,
and check the newest addition to the family. It is crucial that you, and your partner talk about the visitor schedules before going home. Of course, you need to adjust the moment you return to the
house. You need quite some time before accepting visitors.

5. Prepare your pets.

Pets are already members of our families. Just like your much older children, they can have a hard time adjusting to a new person at home. They may even become jealous. So, how can you make this transition easier for them? Give them a blanket with the scent of the baby, weeks after the little one arrives. Some professionals also suggest carrying a doll around many weeks leading up to your delivery.