Watch Care 101: Removing Scratches from Your Stainless Watch

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Do you know how to take good care of your stainless steel timepiece? Even the highest-quality
stainless steel watch can easily get scratched with just a rough movement. In case your precious
accessory experiences some deep gouges, you need to go to a professional to repair it. However,
you yourself can take care of light to moderate scratches. Just use a good metal polish.

Make sure to widen your knowledge on watch maintenance and care from time to time. Below is
a simple step-by-step process you can follow. That stainless sleek watch design from Malaysia
deserves the utmost care!

1. Follow and read the warnings and directions on the metal polish container. These
guidelines will help you achieve the most effective results.
2. Hold your stainless steel timepiece firmly with a single hand with its reverse side up.
Then apply a bit of metal polish on the applicator pad. You can also use a soft, clean cloth.
3. Gently wipe the metal polish on the watch scratches. To make it a lot easier to apply, rub
it on a small, circular motion. Feel free to rub all of the scratches until they all disappear.
4. It’s time to move to the next section. Apply more metal polish to the cloth or pad as
needed, and then rub it to the other areas.
5. Once you are finished, get a clean cloth, and then buff the watch’s stainless steel to a
shine. To remove excess metal polish, you can also rub it with fresh cloth.
6. If you want, you can also put metal polish on the watch crystal. Just see to it that the
metal polish is suitable for the crystal’s material.